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Introduction: YieldReport is an independent online news portal in Australia, dedicated exclusively to the fixed income and yield securities market. It offers free access to its website and regular email updates upon registration.

Purpose and Content: YieldReport addresses the gap in public knowledge about the fixed income market, a crucial but often overlooked segment in Australia. It provides in-depth information on the workings, products, and trends of the fixed income markets. The content includes unbiased opinions from editorial staff and contributors, free from external commercial influences.

YieldReport's weekly reports cover various areas:

Cash Accounts
Comparison of top cash account rates and insights into wholesale market movements.
Term Deposits
Data on over 470 term deposits without any commission or fee for providing this information.
Information on government and corporate bond yields, market news, and pricing of new debt issues.
Comparisons and pricing updates on hybrid issues.
Managed Funds
Analysis of managed funds: Aussie/international bonds, diverse income, cash, mortgages, ETFs.
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This content is provided for general informational purposes only. It does not consider your specific goals, financial status, or requirements. For advice tailored to your individual situation, please consult with a licensed or authorised financial advisor.

Target Audience:

YieldReport is beneficial for self-directed investors, SMSFs, financial planners, advisers, accountants, board members, corporate treasurers, super funds, not-for-profits, councils, statutory bodies, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, local and international fund managers.
Target Audience for YieldReport
Self-directed investors
Financial planners
Board members
Corporate treasurers
Super funds
Statutory bodies
Sovereign wealth fund
Central banks
Local fund managers
International fund managers

Importance of Independence

Independence is crucial for YieldReport as it ensures unbiased analysis and price comparisons in a market where fixed interest securities are not publicly traded, pricing is opaque, and fees are often included in quoted prices. This level of transparency and independent analysis helps level the playing field for investors against market dealers.


Invitation for Feedback

YieldReport encourages user feedback to improve their services and meet the needs of their audience effectively.

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