Investment fund for wholesale investors offering direct exposure to the accommodation market in Southeast Queensland.


Stay Company Income Fund: A Strategic Investment in Australian Tourism

Investment Strategy: The Stay Company Income Fund is meticulously designed to offer investors a unique opportunity to earn consistent income. Focusing on a carefully selected portfolio of properties within Australia's tourism sector, StayCo is committed to driving value through direct management and strategic acquisitions. With a foundation built on accommodation sales, related services, and asset management, the Fund aims to leverage the tourism industry, ensuring a diversified and robust investment platform. By capitalising on the demand for high-quality tourism and residential accommodations, StayCo positions itself as a leader in the market, filling the gap with a capital-light approach that prioritises management contracts over property ownership.

Balancing Return and Risk: Central to StayCo's philosophy is a rigorous approach to risk management. The Fund is engineered to deliver not only impressive returns but also to safeguard investors' capital through strategic property selections, revenue diversification, and careful market analysis. StayCo's operations emphasise financial security, with measures such as first registered mortgages and general security agreements ensuring a stable investment environment.

Current Return: Reflecting the Fund's successful strategy and operational excellence, StayCo has demonstrated remarkable financial performance. As of the financial year 2023, the Fund has achieved a total revenue of $12.2 million and a gross booking revenue of $27 million, translating to a commendable targeted 10% payout to investors since its inception. With plans to expand its portfolio, StayCo is on a path to further enhance its financial metrics, offering investors not only monthly income payouts but also the potential for substantial growth in their investments.

Who is The Stay Company Income Fund for?

The Stay Company Income Fund may be suitable for wholesale and sophisticated investors looking for an investment that seeks to provide:

Stable Monthly Income

Aiming to provide regular income payouts to investors, enhancing cash flow and financial stability.

Reduced Portfolio Volatility

With its low correlation to traditional asset classes, the Fund offers a way to mitigate overall portfolio risk. The investment is underpinned by real estate assets in prime locations, contributing to its resilience.

Stable, Predictable Returns

The Fund is structured to deliver consistent returns across economic cycles, supported by the robust demand for tourism and residential accommodations. Monthly distributions aim to offer investors a predictable income stream.

Geographic Diversity

The portfolio spans across key tourist destinations in Queensland, including Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, and Noosa, ensuring exposure to diverse markets and reducing geographic risk.
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Fund Performance as at 23 July 2023

The historical performance of the Fund has been robust since its inception in September 2021, providing an average return 10% per annum or more, paid monthly. Its investment strategy is to provide a monthly base return targeting about 10% per year. Moreover, when assets are sold, investors will receive their original capital back, along with any capital growth.

Paid MonthlyPer Annum
Sep 2021 to Aug 202312%
Oct 2311%
Nov 2310%
Dec 2310%
Jan 2410%
Feb 2410%

It's important to note that past results don't guarantee future outcomes. The income generated is contingent on the success of the investments, and the responsible entity has the discretion to determine these payments.

The returns from the fund are presented net of all fees and are denominated in AUD. The calculations are derived from exit prices, factoring in ongoing fees and costs.  Taxes haven't been considered in these calculations.

Why Invest In the Stay Company Income Fund

Why Invest In the Stay Company Income Fund Stay Company Income Fund: Capitalising on Australia's Tourism Growth

The tourism sector is not just an industry; it's a significant contributor to Australia's economic vibrancy. Acknowledging its critical importance, StayCo offers a distinctive investment opportunity that yields returns while supporting the expansion of high-potential tourism properties in prime Australian locations.

Understanding Our Investors: StayCo is committed to its investors. Our fund is carefully constructed to:

  • Mitigate market volatility.
  • Leverage growth in the tourism sector.
  • Provide portfolio diversification.
  • Ensure attractive returns and long-term growth.
  • Maintain transparency.
  • Offer personalized investor services.

Supporting Operators in Tourism: Our investments are designed to empower the growth of top-tier tourism properties. By selecting operators with proven track records in managing and developing properties, we provide the necessary resources for them to thrive and continuously deliver exceptional experiences to tourists.

Investment Security and Benefits: Our approach to funding goes beyond the conventional, with investments typically secured against high-value, well-located properties. This strategy brings multiple benefits:

  • Increased income potential through direct property management.
  • Streamlined repayment schedules.
  • Enhanced control over property assets.
  • Access to a niche market with semi-liquidity options.
  • Favorable revenue-to-investment ratios.
  • Lowered upfront investment risks.
  • Flexibility for property enhancements and expansions.
  • Minimised risk of investment default.

Making a Difference: The impact of investing in the Stay Company Income Fund is substantial. By partnering with leading operators in the tourism and hospitality sector, we play a pivotal role in enhancing Australia's tourism infrastructure, offering high-quality, accessible, and diverse accommodation options to visitors nationwide.


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