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"Childcare is within a social sector predominantly financed by federal government funds but delivered through the private sector" - Alan Kohler



Fund Overview

The Finexia Childcare Income Fund, launched in October 2022, a social impacting investment opportunity designed to support the growth of the childcare sector. This unique fund specialises in providing transitional funding to experienced childcare operators during the critical ramp-up period of newly opened or reopened centres. With a strategic focus on helping these centres reach a sustainable operational capacity — typically around 80% within the first year — the fund plays a crucial role in facilitating subsequent bank financing.

Offering an impressive annualised monthly return of 10% as of March 22, 2024, the Finexia Childcare Income Fund presents an attractive risk-return profile for investors. Our loans, primarily issued for a 12-month term, are meticulously managed to ensure the highest quality and contribute to the robust performance of the fund.

Beyond financial returns, the fund serves as a vital non-bank lending source in the childcare segment, benefiting from strong market dynamics and resilient business models that are largely unaffected by economic cycles. This distinct approach not only underscores our commitment to fostering growth in this essential sector but also positions the fund as an excellent tool for diversification within a portfolio.

The fund, externally rated by SQM and awarded a "VERY STRONG" rating from Foresight Analytics & Ratings, shows high confidence in delivering risk-adjusted returns, in line with Finexia's investment objectives.

This confidence is backed by our experienced and well-resourced management team, dedicated to supporting the evolving landscape of non-bank lending in Australia.


Why Invest In the Childcare Income Fund

With government backing and robust demand laying the groundwork, investing in Australia's childcare centers through the Finexia Childcare Income Fund offers a stable, investor-first opportunity.

Heavy Government Support

This is the ‘Childcare’ Generation

High Growth Potential Sector

Beyond Price Competition

Emerging Market Opportunities

Vital Social Role

Childcare Income Fund Performance


OF 4.35%

It's important to note that past results don't guarantee future outcomes. The income generated is contingent on the success of the investments, and the responsible entity has the discretion to determine these payments.

The returns from the fund are presented net of all fees and are denominated in AUD. The calculations are derived from exit prices, factoring in ongoing fees and costs. It's assumed that distributions are not reinvested through the Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP). Taxes haven't been considered in these calculations.

The RBA Cash Rate stands at 435 basis points per annum.

Who is the Childcare Income fund for?

Finexia Childcare Income Fund may be suitable for investors looking for an investment that seeks to provide:

Social Impact "ESG"

Investors who are keen on contributing to societal benefits, such as supporting childcare services, may be drawn to this fund.




Individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolios with a sector that shows resilience to economic fluctuations and has a segmented market share might consider this fund.

Fee-conscious Investors

The absence of investor fees and the transparency offered by external fund administration and custodianship make this fund attractive to investors mindful of costs and governance.

10% pa Stable and Predictable Returns paid monthly

With its focus on the childcare sector, which benefits from government support and consistent demand, this fund is suited for those seeking investments that offer steady income.

Long-term Growth Potential

Investors interested in capitalising on sectors classified as "Blue Chip" with strong growth prospects above GDP growth would find this fund appealing.

Low Volatility Investment

Designed for investors seeking to mitigate risk by avoiding the high volatility of equity markets, this fund offers a refuge. It appeals to those looking for steady returns, focusing on income-generating investments rather than the unpredictable swings of the stock market. This approach provides a more consistent and less volatile investment experience.
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Childcare Income Fund Ratings:

The Finexia Childcare Income Fund has been rated by Foresight Analytics & Ratings, a third-party and external ratings house. Report Here


Childcare Income Fund Research Reports:

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How to Invest

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To invest in the Finexia Childcare Incomefund it starts with a call with our investment manager. He will answer any question you still might have and give you insights into how the investment works. Click below to book a call 

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Prior to applying for units within the Fund, it's essential to review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), the Additional Information Booklet, and the Target Market Determination (TMD).

Childcare Income Fund Documents:

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