Our Journey


Finexia Financial Group Limited was founded in 2014 by two likeminded, experienced financial services professionals, Neil Sheather and Dale Klynhout. From the outset, the vision for Finexia was to become a fully diversified financial services business catering to all levels of investors across the investment spectrum.


In 2015, the company acquired Mejority Securities Hong Kong, a participant member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Shortly after this acquisition, the company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange via a ‘backdoor listing’ into Natural Fuels (NFL). The company changed its name to Mejority Capital and with the Hong Kong presence in place, the leadership team set about executing the strategic vision.


In 2016, ASIC granted Mejority Securities (wholly owned subsidiary) an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Mejority Securities’ service offering included share market advice and trading to retail and wholesale client, offshore trading, ‘mini prime’ facilities, corporate advisory services and outsourced licensing solutions for financial service professionals.

Matching client’s needs with the most appropriate tailored solutions, be they credit structuring and arranging, investment advice, markets trading or funds management.


In 2017, the Company expanded its footprint by opening an office in Sydney and bolstered its offering by luring several experienced stockbroking professionals to the team. With the growth trajectory of the company being focused in Australia, the Board made the decision to divest the Hong Kong operations.


In 2018, Mejority Securities HK was sold and all operations repatriated back onshore to Australia. As a part of the sale, the name Mejority was relinquished to the buyer and the Company changed its ‘client facing’ licensed business to Pinnacle Securities.


Consistent with the Group’s ambitions of being a diversified financial services provider, the Company acquired several ‘bolt-on’ businesses in the share market and SMSF administration space during 2018. These businesses have all been successfully integrated into the existing operations and have performed as expected.


2020 was a major transformational year for the Group. The Group made a strategic move into the lending business by acquiring the highly regarded Creative Capital Group. This move was designed to diversify and ‘round out’ the Company’s overall service offering, covering investment and lending services to a widening client base. At the same time the Company changed its name to Finexia Financial Group and this name has now filtered across the group with subsidiaries adopting a consistent name in Finexia.

2020 also saw the company successfully have funds management authorisations added to its AFSL.

The Finexia Financial group’s stated mission is to match client’s needs with the most appropriate tailored solutions, be they credit structuring and arranging, investment advice, markets trading or funds management.


Introducing Specialised Managed Funds: In a pivotal move, 2021 saw Finexia diversifying its portfolio with the introduction of two distinct managed funds: The Stay Company Income Fund and the Childcare Income Fund, each designed to cater to specific market sectors and investor needs, providing diversified and strategic investment options.


Scaling Private Credit with Strategic Expansions: Finexia amplified our fund management capabilities and introduced the innovative Amal Loan Management System, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and reliability in our credit offerings and management, and providing a robust framework that propelled our capabilities in managing private credit.


A Pivotal Year of Growth and Strategic Investments: In 2023, Finexia embraced a transformative path, marking it as a year dedicated to substantial growth, strategic acquisitions, and rewarding our loyal investors. Through strategic hiring, rewarding our investors, and making judicious acquisitions, Finexia not only solidified its market position but also laid down a robust foundation for future growth and innovations.

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