Pre-IPO Opportunity: VAASCO Group

Pre-IPO Opportunity: VAASCO Group

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Posted on: 21 September 2022

Introducing VAASCO

VAASCO Group Ltd is an Australian public company whose mission is to provide energy-efficient solutions to commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

Their services are financially efficient and move customers towards a NET Zero Energy future.

VAASCO is a quality, early-stage green business with significant scalability and exposure to the world’s hottest commodity – carbon credits. The upside in VAASCO is significant and validated by the recent partnership with Subway Australia and New Zealand.

To read the VAASCO Investor Presentation click here.

Market Opportunity to Manage Electricity Voltage

It is not well known that electricity suppliers, such as Origin and Energy Australia, are not required and will not guarantee a constant voltage when supplying electricity to their individual customers.

Supply voltage is materially higher than required (>220V)
This results in:
• Excess energy consumption and cost – especially for small fast-food outlets
• Increased carbon footprint
• Equipment life shortening and premature failure

Solution: Voltage as a Service (VAAS)

  • VAASCO utilises existing innovative and proven energy system products (Voltage Optimisation (VO) units) delivered using a Managed Service Agreement
    • By reducing unnecessary voltage supply, and corresponding kilowatt usage, a VO unit can reduce between 12% – 17% of total energy costs, generating a significant saving for each customer
  • VAASCO’s structure provides a combination of managed services, blue chip clients and a project portfolio structure

Fee Structure:
Monthly service fees, paid from the energy savings, where the customer subscribes to and purchases the voltage management service. VAAS controls the supply voltage to remain within defined bands, and thereby delivers:
1. Reduced energy costs (12-17%)
2. Reduced CO2 footprint
3. Asset Protection – enhancing asset life
4. Generates transparent, high-carbon certificates (can be sold up to 10 years forward)


Offer Price – Stapled Securities

  • The Company seeks to raise up to approximately A$2.75 million (before costs) by issuing up to 1.375 million new fully paid ordinary shares in the Company (“New Shares”) and borrowing up to $1.375 million through the issue of up to 1.375 million Convertible Notes (CN) pursuant to a Convertible Loan as a stapled offer.
  • A$1.00 per New Share and A$1.00 per Convertible Note

Convertible Note:

  • Interest 12% per annum, paid monthly in arrears

For further information or to express your interest in participating in this capital raise, please feel free to respond to this email at [email protected] or call us on 1300 886 103

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