Finexia Financial Group's Commitment to Tackle Childcare Deserts

Finexia Financial Group's Commitment to Tackle Childcare Deserts

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Posted on: 16 May 2024


In an inspiring development, Finexia Financial Group is stepping up to combat the pressing issue of childcare deserts across Australia. This initiative highlights the organisation's commitment to societal needs by improving access to childcare in areas most affected by shortages. This blog post will delve into the nature of childcare deserts, Finexia's strategic response, and the broader implications of their actions for communities in need.

Understanding the Childcare Desert Problem

Childcare deserts are defined by their lack of sufficient childcare services relative to demand, primarily affecting rural, remote, and low-income urban regions. This scarcity poses significant challenges for families, hindering parental employment and educational pursuits while impacting early childhood development and community well-being.

Finexia's Strategic Response

In response to these challenges, Finexia Financial Group has undertaken significant measures:

  • Relocation to Western Australia (WA): By moving a staff member to WA, Finexia places a direct focus on regions requiring immediate attention, ensuring that the unique needs of these communities are met.
  • Expansion in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC): Increasing the team of private credit specialists in these populous states is a strategic move to enhance the support structure for childcare services, addressing gaps and fostering growth.

Empowering Communities Through Private Credit Solutions

Finexia's use of private credit to facilitate community-based projects represents a flexible and innovative approach to finance. Unlike traditional banking methods, private credit provides tailored solutions that are crucial for the development of childcare facilities in underserved areas:

  • Tailored Financing: Customised loan options that fit the specific requirements of childcare centre projects.
  • Strategic Guidance: Expert advice and financial strategies to ensure the sustainability and success of these initiatives.

Impact of the Finexia Childcare Income Fund

The establishment of the Finexia Childcare Income Fund is a pivotal element of their strategy. This dedicated investment vehicle supports the operational and developmental needs of childcare facilities while offering attractive returns to investors. Here's how it works:

  • Social and Economic Impact: By investing in the childcare sector, the fund not only aids in the immediate establishment of facilities but also contributes to long-term community benefits.
  • Investment Returns: The fund targets a return of 5.65% above the RBA cash rate, providing a compelling opportunity for investors to contribute to a social cause while gaining financially.


What is a childcare desert, and why is it a problem? A childcare desert is an area where the demand for childcare far exceeds the available services. This lack of availability can severely restrict parents’ ability to maintain employment or pursue education, thereby affecting the economic stability and growth of the community.

What are private credit solutions, and how can they help childcare facilities? Private credit solutions involve non-traditional lending that offers more flexibility than typical bank loans. These can include customised repayment terms and specialised funding arrangements that are particularly beneficial for launching and expanding childcare centres in regions that lack these facilities.

What is the Finexia Childcare Income Fund? The Finexia Childcare Income Fund is an investment fund designed to provide financial support to childcare providers. It aims to facilitate the establishment and operation of childcare centres in areas identified as childcare deserts, thus addressing an urgent social need while offering financial returns to investors.

What Return Does the Finexia Childcare Income Fund Generate for Investors? Investors in the Finexia Childcare Income Fund can expect a target return of up to 5.65% per annum above the RBA Cash Rate, with monthly distributions either in cash or reinvested units.

What is the minimum investment amount for the Finexia Childcare Income Fund? The minimum investment requirement for the fund is $5,000, with additional increments of $1,000, making it accessible to a broad range of investors interested in contributing to this vital sector.


Finexia Financial Group's proactive approach towards resolving childcare deserts demonstrates a commendable blend of business acumen and social responsibility. By enhancing childcare access in underserved areas, they not only support Australian families but also contribute to the socio-economic stability of the community. As Finexia continues to expand its efforts, it sets a precedent for how financial institutions can play a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges.

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