Unlocking the Secrets of Managed Investment Schemes: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking the Secrets of Managed Investment Schemes: A Comprehensive Guide

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Posted on: 25 October 2023

Managed Investment Scheme: An Introduction

Managed investment schemes, often referred to as collective investment vehicles, pool together money from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio. This approach allows individual investors to access a broader range of assets than they might be able to on their own.

History and Evolution

The concept of pooling resources for investment purposes isn't new. From ancient investment partnerships to modern-day mutual funds, the essence of collective investment has remained consistent.

Types of Managed Investment Schemes

There are various types of managed investment schemes, each with its unique features and benefits:

  • Unit Trusts: The most common form where investors buy 'units' in a trust.
  • Partnership Schemes: Where investors enter into a partnership agreement.
  • Stapled Securities: A combination of two or more securities traded as one.

How They Work

At the heart of every managed investment scheme is a responsible entity. This entity manages the scheme, making investment decisions based on the scheme's objectives and strategy.

Benefits of Participating

  • Diversification: Access to a broader range of assets.
  • Professional Management: Expertise in selecting and managing investments.
  • Economies of Scale: Reduced transaction costs due to pooled resources.

Potential Risks Involved

Like all investments, managed investment schemes come with risks. Market volatility, management decisions, and external factors can all impact returns.

Choosing the Right Scheme

Factors to consider include the scheme's past performance, fees, investment strategy, and the reputation of the responsible entity.

Regulations and Compliance

Governments and financial authorities worldwide have regulations in place to ensure the transparency and integrity of managed investment schemes.

Global Trends and Future Outlook

With the rise of technology and changing investor preferences, the landscape of managed investment schemes is evolving rapidly.

Alternative Investment Strategies

While managed investment schemes offer many benefits, they're not the only game in town. Exploring alternatives can be a wise move for savvy investors.

Personal Experiences and Case Studies

Hearing from those who've tread the path can offer invaluable insights. From success stories to lessons learned the hard way, real-life experiences can be a goldmine of information.

Managed Investment Scheme vs. Direct Investment

Comparing the pros and cons of investing directly in assets versus through a managed investment scheme.

FAQs about Managed Investment Schemes

  • What's the minimum investment required? Typically, managed investment schemes have a minimum investment amount, which can vary widely based on the scheme and its objectives.

  • How are returns distributed to investors? Returns, whether in the form of capital gains or income, are typically distributed proportionally based on the number of units an investor holds.

  • Can I withdraw my investment at any time? While some schemes offer flexibility in withdrawals, others might have lock-in periods or penalties for early withdrawal.

  • How are these schemes taxed? Tax implications can vary based on the scheme's structure and the investor's jurisdiction. It's always wise to consult with a tax professional.

  • Are my investments safe? While regulatory bodies oversee managed investment schemes, no investment is entirely risk-free. It's essential to understand the risks involved.

  • How can I stay updated about my investment's performance? Most schemes provide regular updates through statements, newsletters, or online portals.


Managed investment schemes offer a unique opportunity for investors to pool resources and access a diversified portfolio managed by professionals. While they come with their set of benefits, understanding the risks involved and staying informed is crucial. As with all investments, doing one's homework and consulting with professionals can make all the difference.

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