Sun, Sand, and Statistics: The Sparkling Story of Gold Coast Tourism 

Sun, Sand, and Statistics: The Sparkling Story of Gold Coast Tourism 

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Posted on: 10 July 2023

Gold Coast Tourism Statistics

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the thriving Gold Coast tourism sector, where sun-kissed beaches, a captivating high-rise skyline, and exhilarating theme parks have solidified its status as Australia's enduring tourist haven. In this ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and relaxation, witness the compelling narrative of tourism statistics that paints a vivid picture of the Gold Coast's allure. So, relax and join us on a numerical journey as captivating as the destination itself.

Gold Coast Tourism by the Numbers: A Comprehensive Overview

Situated on Australia's east coast, the Gold Coast has magnetized global tourists, welcoming over 12 million visitors annually. This section provides a panoramic snapshot of key Gold Coast tourism statistics, offering a comprehensive view of the city's vibrant tourism scene.

Influx of Tourists: A Steadily Rising Tide

The Gold Coast has experienced a consistent upward trajectory in tourist arrivals. International visits exhibit an annual growth rate of 2.5%, complemented by an even more robust 4.5% yearly increase in domestic tourism. This dual dynamic has fostered a thriving tourism ecosystem, serving as a driving force for the city's economic prosperity.

Tourist Spending: A Catalyst for Economic Flourish

Every tourist to the Gold Coast plays a pivotal role in stimulating the city's economy. International visitors contribute an average daily expenditure of AUD 150, while their domestic counterparts spend an average of AUD 200 per day. When multiplied by the substantial visitor numbers, these figures translate into a substantial portion of the city's revenue derived from the tourism sector.

Investment Appeal: Seizing Opportunities in Gold Coast Tourism

With impressive tourism statistics and a burgeoning domestic tourism market, the Gold Coast emerges as an enticing prospect for investors. A compelling example is the StayCo fund by Finexia, boasting a portfolio of seven hotels on the Gold Coast and attracting keen interest from investors seeking to capitalize on the region's tourism success.

StayCo Fund: A Tale of Triumph

The success narrative of StayCo is nothing short of extraordinary. With an annual return of 12%, the Fund has consistently maintained occupancy rates 18% above the regional average since 2018. In 2022, an impressive average occupancy rate of 91% was achieved across its properties, marking a remarkable 28% surge from pre-pandemic levels.

Investing in Gold Coast Tourism: Compelling Reasons

The allure of investing in the Gold Coast's tourism sector is multifaceted.

Diverse Experiences

Boasting lively beaches and tranquil hinterlands, the Gold Coast provides a diverse range of experiences, making it an ideal destination for domestic travellers in search of international-like adventures. Its strategic geographic positioning and diverse offerings make it an excellent choice for exploration enthusiasts.

Robust Growth

Investment in the Gold Coast's tourism sector shows no signs of slowing down. With projects such as the enhancement of the city's light rail network and the development of new parks and stadiums, the Gold Coast is poised for substantial growth. Major infrastructure initiatives, totalling over $10 billion, underscore the city's dedication to fortifying its position as a premier tourist destination.

Dynamic Evolution

The Gold Coast is anything but stagnant. Sustaining consistently high visitor numbers and a burgeoning local population, the city's skyline undergoes continual transformation, giving rise to new businesses, attractions, and experiences. In alignment with this confidence, Finexia plans to augment the StayCo fund by adding two more hotels in the near future. For more information about the StayCo fund, please visit

FAQs about Gold Coast Tourism Statistics

1. How many tourists visit the Gold Coast each year?
Approximately 12 million tourists visit the Gold Coast annually. This number includes both international and domestic tourists.

2.What is the average expenditure of a tourist in the Gold Coast?
International tourists spend an average of AUD 150 per day, while domestic tourists spend an average of AUD 200 per day.

3. Which are the most popular tourist attractions in the Gold Coast?
The most popular tourist attractions are the Gold Coast's beautiful beaches. Other significant attractions include the city's theme parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

4.Has there been a growth in tourist numbers to the Gold Coast in recent years?
Yes, the tourist numbers have been growing. International arrivals have increased by an average of 2.5% annually, while domestic visits have seen an average growth of 4.5% per year.

5.How significant is tourism for the Gold Coast's economy?
Tourism is a significant contributor to the Gold Coast's economy, accounting for a significant portion of the city's revenue.

6.Are eco-tourism and wildlife tourism popular in the Gold Coast?
Yes, about 20% of tourists participate in eco-tourism activities or visit wildlife parks, indicating a growing interest in green tourism.


The gold coast tourism statistics depict an enchanting narrative of growth, excitement, and variety. With the numbers on an upward trajectory, it's safe to say that the Gold Coast is not just a city but an experience that continues to capture the hearts of millions. With lucrative investment opportunities like the StayCo Fund, the Gold Coast is not only a tourist haven but also a promising landscape for investors.

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