Redefining Childcare Startups: How Finexia's Non-Bank Lending Unlocks Growth Potential

Redefining Childcare Startups: How Finexia's Non-Bank Lending Unlocks Growth Potential

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Posted on: 13 December 2023

Exploring Non-Bank Lenders in Australia: A Closer Look at the Finexia Childcare Loan

In the dynamic landscape of Australian finance, non-bank lenders are carving out a niche that is both innovative and responsive to the unique needs of startups and specialised industries. One sector that vividly illustrates this trend is the childcare industry, where traditional banks have often hesitated to tread, especially when it comes to startups and greenfield centres. Enter the Finexia Childcare Loan, a product designed to fill the gaps left by conventional banks.

The Challenge with Traditional Banks

For decades, banks have been the go-to for business loans, yet their stringent criteria often do not align with the needs of startup childcare centres. Banks typically shy away from lending to start-up or greenfield centres due to the higher perceived risk. When they do engage, they often require a significant starting occupancy, usually around 50%, which can stifle the growth of a nascent enterprise that is yet to open its doors.

Moreover, banks tend to impose strict policy frameworks, requiring monthly prepayments and principle repayments that can burden a developing business's cash flow. Their security positions are often fully cross-collateralised, tying up more of the business owner's assets than might be comfortable or financially prudent.

The Finexia Childcare Loan Advantage

In contrast, the Finexia Childcare Loan demonstrates a deep understanding of the childcare industry's needs. Recognising the hurdles of starting occupancy, Finexia removes this requirement altogether, providing additional capital that facilitates the opening of additional centres.

The loan structure also departs from the norm by not requiring monthly interest repayments during the trade-up period. This is particularly beneficial for businesses as they can reinvest their income into growing their business rather than servicing debt. Additionally, interest is capitalised, allowing for better cash flow management.

For security, Finexia offers a standalone security position. This is a breath of fresh air for childcare centre startups, as it doesn't tie up additional assets unnecessarily. Their Childcare Centre Incubation Loan is a testament to their commitment to supporting new centres, reflecting a willingness to work with the unique circumstances that startups present.


Banks Finexia Childcare Loan
Do not generally lend to start up / greenfield centresVsBanks do not generally lend to start up / greenfield centres
May use an "Alternate Use" or "Day 1" valuation for reliance seeing significant reduction in available capitalVsAssumed Full occupancy trading valuation utilised
Minimum Starting occupancy generally 50%VsNil starting occupancy requirement.
Capital constrained growthVsProvides additional capital allowing opening of additional centres
Monthly prepayments requiredVsNo monthly Interest repayments required during tradeup
Require Principle repaymentsVsNil repayments with Interest capitalised
Fully cross collateralised security positionVsStand alone security position
Startups if undertaken are generally see a lower LVRVsOur Childcare Centre Incubation Loan is designed specifically for new centres.
Startups if undertaken generally see Day 1 valuation used rather than stabilised incomeVsUse stabilised income figure from the valuation.
Strict policy frameworkVsFlexible policy framework
Long lead time and approval processVsFast approval process
Maximum funding level only available if freehold property is heldVsNo land / freehold required
Maximum LVR on greenfield Leasehold 45%VsMaximum LVR on Leasehold 65%
$0.9m in funding on a $2m asset.Vs$1.3m in funding on a $2m asset


Flexibility and Accessibility

The flexibility of the Finexia Childcare Loan is further underscored by its policy framework, which contrasts sharply with the strict policies of traditional banks. Moreover, the approval process is fast-tracked, acknowledging the time-sensitive nature of business opportunities that entrepreneurs in the childcare industry face.

When it comes to property, traditional banks generally only offer maximum funding if a freehold property is held. However, Finexia sets itself apart by not requiring land or freehold, with a higher Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) on leasehold properties - up to 65%, compared to the traditional bank's 45%.

Funding Capacity

Perhaps most striking is the difference in funding capacity. Where a traditional bank may offer $0.9 million on a $2 million asset, Finexia stretches further, offering $1.3 million. This increase in funding not only demonstrates confidence in the borrower but also provides a significant boost to the capital available for investment into the childcare centre.


The Finexia Childcare Loan is a prime example of how non-bank lenders in Australia are providing tailored, flexible financial products to meet industry-specific needs. With such products, non-bank lenders like Finexia are not just offering loans; they are actively investing in the growth and sustainability of sectors that have been historically underserved by traditional banking institutions.

For entrepreneurs in the childcare sector, the message is clear: innovative funding solutions are available that acknowledge and address the particular challenges you face. Non-bank lenders have risen to the occasion, offering a compelling alternative to traditional bank loans.

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