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FinTrader 2.0
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FinTrader 2.0

FinTrader 2.0

Australia Expert Adviser (EA)

This opportunity is available to wholesale and retail investors. Always consider the risk warning and your eligibility to invest.

What is FinTrader 2.0?

Also known as an Expert Advisor (EA), FinTrader 2.0 is a “Plug & Play” application. You are not required to insert or tweak parameters, load trading instruments or re-evaluate market compatibility regularly. The hard work is already done for you.

FinTrader 2.0 is a fully automated price-based program that applies advanced multi-instrument algorithmic principles. By combining a basket of instruments, FinTrader 2.0 has the ability to generate more detailed and realistic assessment of both potential risk and return that simply is not possible using a more traditional approach.

How does FinTrader 2.0 work?

The trading parameters applied by FinTrader 2.0 are tailored to the individual instrument. Gone are the days of a “one size fits all” approach. FinTrader 2.0 can develop a trading strategy in ANY market, from Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Index Trading and even share CFD’s.

What would you like to trade?

If you are wanting to trade on a “complete” market basis, FinTrader 2.0 is ready for you.

FinTrader 2.0 is primarily a short-term trading technique (from a few minutes to a few days, or longer on some occasions) with a low to moderate trading frequency (10+ trades per week). It applies multi-faceted risk management techniques including limiting the number of pairs trading at any one time (beneficial for low balance accounts) to the automatic deletion of early trades when applying an average out technique.

FinTrader 2.0 primarily trades during the London and New York sessions.

Why do I need FinTrader 2.0?


You do not have to watch markets 24-hours a day. FinTrader 2.0 automatically monitors and places trades, allowing you to enjoy more time in your day.

Emotionless Trading

FinTrader 2.0 is a completely automated data-driven trading program designed to profit in any prevailing market conditions.* Take the emotion out of your trading and let the algorithm do the work for you.

       Independently Tested

FinTrader 2.0 trading results have been successfully backtested and verified by an independent third party.


Finexia Securities Limited is the holder of AFSL No. 485760 and a subsidiary of Finexia Financial Group (ASX:FNX).

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