You missed out!

Dragonfly Biosciences IPO. Investment Window Open Now!

For an offer of 50,000,000 Shares at an issue price of $0.20 per Share to raise $10,000,000 (Offer).

Learn more about the IPO and Dragonfly by clicking the link below. You can register for the prospectus by following the link.

$2,000 Minimum Investment

There is a minimum investment of $2,000 which will purchase 10,000 shares in the company.

Dragonfly Biosciences

Dragonfly Biosciences is a premium retailer of health and wellness products. Through its extensive research and development, Dragonfly Biosciences controls the process from seed to sale, with the aim of producing the highest and most consistent product quality. Dragonfly Biosciences aims to expand its business and product range in line with legislative changes in sweeping across the globe. As demand grows for health supplements, Dragonfly Biosciences seeks to be the go-to-producer and supplier for both businesses and consumers. With the recent legislative changes in Australia, Dragonfly Biosciences has launched its product range here and listing on the ASX. Here is your chance to invest in an industry leader and take advantage of the global growth in the health and wellness arena.

Indicative Timetable

Lodgement of original Prospectus with the ASIC

7 September 2021

Lodgement of this replacement prospectus with ASIC

30 November 2021

Opening Date

1 December 2021

Closing Date

14 December 2021

Issue of Shares under the Offer

15 December 2021

Despatch of holding statements

15 December 2021

Expected date for quotation on ASX

24 December 2021

As set out in further detail in Section 5 of the Prospectus, the Company has recently acquired a UK entity Dragonfly Biosciences Limited (UK Company No.10842065) (Dragonfly UK). To date,Dragonfly UK’s principal activities have comprised of developing health and wellness products. The Company is committed to delivering the highest quality products by owning and operating the entire production chain from ‘seed to shelf’. The company legally extracts oil from classified plants and develops them into wellness products. Studies show that their products may help with chronic pain, arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression to name just a few ailments.

Register Now

Learn more about the IPO and Dragonfly by clicking the link. You can register for the prospectus by following the link.

How to Invest

  1. Register your interest on the next page.
  2. Download and Read the Prospectus
  3. Follow the instructions in the prospectus on how to invest

If you require further information of assistance please call 1300 886 103 or email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

What Stock Exchange are Dragonfly shares being listed on?

For more than six months now, Dragonfly has been working closely with its Australian advisers to transition the company to a listed investment on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

When will Dragonfly shares be listed on the ASX?

The Prospectus includes an indicative timetable for listing [Refer to: Section 2 – Key Offer Information].

How can I get details of my shareholding?

You will be able to view and access your Dragonfly shareholding via the share registry’s website; www.automic.com.au

How do I buy more shares once Dragonfly is listed on the ASX?

Dragonfly shares (securities) will be traded freely on the ASX once listed. Like most global share markets, shares are traded electronically on the ASX.

Do I need a stockbroker?

You will need to set up an account with a broker, however, most Australian brokers offer online trading, so you will be able to sell your shares online and be self-directed if you chose so.

Is there any company research I can access on Dragonfly?

The Prospectus contains a comprehensive disclosure on the company’s actual and forecast financial performance.

Why Australia?

Australia was chosen by the Board of Dragonfly as the jurisdiction to list its securities for several reasons, namely;

1.     Australia has well developed capital markets with a deep understanding of the cannabis industry.

2.     The ASX is an open and accommodating market operator for listings in the cannabis sector.

3.     Australia has a rigorous corporate regulatory regime with many of the same protection measures available to investors in the UK.

4.     Strategically, Australia is a natural target in the Dragonfly expansion plans as the regulatory regime towards cannabis related products is viewed as ‘friendly’ and the industry is very much in its infancy there. Australia also offers a unique proximity to the most populous region in the world, Asia.

How do I receive my share certificate?

Share certificates are no longer issued in Australia, instead shareholders are issued with a holding statement, known as an Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement. This statement sets out all of your Dragonfly shareholding details including the name of the shareholder, amount of shares held and your shareholder holder number (SRN – security holder reference number). Prior to the listing day on the ASX, the Company’s share register, Automic Group (www.automic.com.au) will dispatch your Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement. You will also be able to view and access your shareholding details on their website. To do this you will need to have your SRN at hand.

How do I buy more shares in Dragonfly before they list?

To participate in the IPO (initial public offer) you will need to complete the application contained within the Prospectus or via the online portal using the link on the application form. Applications are due to open on 14 September 2021.

You can download the Prospectus now by clicking on the button to the right or at the top of the page.

How can I sell my shares once listed?

In order to sell your Dragonfly shares, in most instances, you will need to establish an account with a local Australian ASX broker. Contact the team at our lead broker, Finexia Securities and they will be more than happy to assist you.  www.finexia.com.au

Can you refer me to an Australian broker?

Contact the team at our lead broker, Finexia Securities and they will be more than happy to assist you.  www.finexia.com.au

Where can I get more details concerning the initial public offer?

Australia: Finexia Securities
[email protected] or on 1300 886 103 (+61 7 5689 4657)

UK: Dragonfly Biosciences
[email protected] or on +44 20 7111 0807

Finexia Securities Limited is the holder of AFSL No. 485760 and a subsidiary of Finexia Financial Group (ASX:FNX).

What is an initial public offering or IPO

An initial public offering, or ‘float’, is when a private company lists on a stock exchange to raise funds by selling shares to investors, including members of the public.

Companies use IPOs to raise money that can then be reinvested to help grow the business. IPOs give investors the chance to buy shares at a set price before the company begins trading on a stock exchange, such as the ASX, in the hope that those shares will rise over time.

An IPO normally includes a minimum amount of shares that it requires investors to purchase.

Details of the proposed offering are disclosed to potential purchasers in the form of a document known as a prospectus. The prospectus provides investors with information about the business, financial statements, legal matters the company is involved with, details about the directors and officers of the company and any other material information. The prospectus also contains the application form to purchase shares, although many registrations can now be completed online.