*** BECK TEST ***

- Purchase a collection of the six most traded coins in a single transaction.
- BTC and ETH are the base coins.
- Get exposure to the next four most traded coins.


Designed to outperform single, one coin transactions in BTC and ETH

> Transparent
> Easy in and easy out
> $AUD and $USD

With a minimum investment of A$1,000, we take care of the buying and selling for you. The product is available to anyone that qualifies. Open to both Retail and Sophisticated Investors.

Stored in a cold, safe place and backed
by an Australian Listed Company

We have offices in Sydney, Gold Coast and California.

> Low Fees
> Diversified Exposure
> Professionally Managed

Finexia charges 5%, or A$50, for every A$1,000 you invest. This covers purchasing your basket, insurance and custodian services. Our on-going fee structure means we only make money if you make money.

Monthly Trade Period

The Finexia Crypto Collective works on a monthly rhythm that allows you to see what the Collective looks like for the coming month and make changes to your investment during a three-day period.

The ‘Monthly Trade Period’ where you complete these transactions is for three days each month that commences on the First Business Day of each month and closes on the Fourth Business Day of the same month.

Monthly Trade Period Commences

THREE things will happen on this day;

Finexia will calculate the value of your investment during the month that has just passed and provide a statement via email showing those details. If the Collective has grown in value, the statement will also show the Shared Success Fee that we charge.  

We recalculate the Reference Basket to determine what it will look like for the coming month; which coins we will hold and how many of them. The way we do this is explained on our website and within the Product Disclosure Statement.  We will email these details to the investors.

We will email you asking to make a choice on what you would like to do with your investment for the coming month. Those choices are;

1. Continue your investment: The only thing you need to do is note the makeup of the Reference Basket for the coming month. You do not need to contact Finexia. 

2. Add more funds: You will deposit those additional funds using a process that Finexia will guide you through. You will need to read and acknowledge the PDS/TMD again. We will deposit your funds into the Collective as soon as we can after receiving them. Those new funds will be in the Collective for the coming month at the current prices of the underlying coins. We will do that as soon as possible on the next Business Day.    

3. Withdraw your funds: Finexia will process the withdrawal request using the Reference Basket from last month, using the current prices of the underlying coins. We will do that as soon as possible on the next Business Day.

We will complete these three things as close as we can to 12:00pm AEST on the first business day of the month.

Monthly Trade Period Closes

On the Fourth Business Day:

At 1200 AEST on the Fourth Business Day of the Month, the Monthly Trade Period closes. You cannot make any further changes to your investment until the First Business Day of the next month.

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more information.

6 Coins
with 1 Single

Designed to outperform
a single, one coin

Easy In and Easy Out

Low fees
Diversified exposure
Professionally managed

Stored with an industry
leading custodian

Applications accepted in
both AUD and USD

All investments carry degrees of risk, cryptocurrencies are extremely risky and there is no guarantee of a financial return on your investment. You may LOSE ALL or PART OF your investment. The product IS NOT appropriate for everyone, you should obtain a copy of the PDS and TMD relating to the product and consider them before making any decision to invest in the product. These disclosures can be obtained from [email protected] The TMD is issued and PDS arranged by Finexia Securities Limited (ABN 61 608 667 778, AFSL 485760) pursuant to Section 911A(2)(b) of the Corporations Act. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance of other currencies held individually or together SHOULD NOT be relied upon in any way as an indicator of future performance.


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